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It's Doc's B'Day!

Hey Doc!!

Happy Birthday!!!

May today be a blessing.... eat chocolate cake!  Have a blast!  And remember - you ain't old til you're old...


Greetings to Justlynne

Happy Birthday, Justlynne!! Frodoholic on Grey Havens!!

Still chuckle at your McDonald's sign peeking through the clouds in the White Mountains of Gondor!

Have a wonderful day!!!


4 Days Into The New Year

Happy New Year!

Not sure anyone will read this until February or April, but am writing it anyway..

My hope for everyone on LJ is that you all have a very wonderful 2013 and that the year bring you your heart's content.  Remember to be good to one another and let's make this the best year ever!

Hello out there...

I've been checking around to see if anyone is still out there and I am finding that a whole lot of folks have dispersed into the far reaches of cyberspace.. The realm of Facebook had most likely absorbed a huge section of people who used to hang out here in LJ-land.

If you are out there, and are interested in re-vitalizing your LJ account, let me know.  I am liking this format a whole lot better these days than Facebook and would like to re-connect with folks who were around before FB took over..


A Thanksgiving Message

Gratitude is a heart opener.
It brings warmth in the cold times
and refreshment in those times of drought.
It reminds us from where we have our origins,
and beckons us to see once more
that homeland of our soul.

In gratitude, we are content.
Nothing seems to affect that deep stillness
that gratitude gives us.
Our eyes see with a finer vision
that allows the wondrous nature of our existence
to be revealed.

Gratitude heals.
In gratitude,
we are completely whole,
and in gratitude,
all that is near us
is completely whole,
for in that state,
there is none other
but wholeness.

One cannot seek out gratitude,
nor can one make it
out of the stuff of the everyday.
It simply is.
And all that we would attribute to its cause
falls away.

Gratitude is the window to the divine
and as such is transparent,
and open.

The mystery of Gratitude
is that in that state,
it is both present and emerging.
It sings its delicate song to the universe
and welcomes its echo's return.

It cannot be contrived.
It is pure truth of who we are.

Blessings to us all today as we celebrate Gratitude.
May we be that which we already are,
and remember that beauty within.


Text from: The Being States by Karen Furr
(a work in progress)
copyright 2012

New Community


I just started a new community that I titled Christ-Centered Shamanism. If you are interested, please join. No dogma, just conversation..



I wanted to post on a few people's journals to wish them happy birthday but could not find how to do that... any clues? Thanks in advance


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope your day is pleasant and that there are enough left-overs for a good lunch tomorrow.

Join me today in boycotting all shopping so we can send a message to retailers that employees' tie off on holidays is more important than profits. And for those of you who are having to work instead of being with friends and loved ones, my apologies.

Blessings to us all!


See... I TOLD you I would keep up...

Just wanted to drop in and ask that people send some really positive energy to the middle east. There is a lot of stirring up there, and without opening it up to taking sides, can we all simply hold everyone there in loving light with the desire that they can see past their own differences and come to a settlement..

Blessings to all you you who may have families or loved ones affected by the struggle there.


Well, I can try this again....lol

This site has changed SO much in the past few years!!It will take me some time to re-orient to these changes, but will try to "keep up".

Blessings to all of you on the east coast as you dig out of the snow etc! Know that you are help in prayer and Light. And blessings to you for reaching out to one another as well.

I will really try to be more involved with this page, as I have missed connecting with so many of you!